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Mobility is transforming

The transportation sector is in a period of transformation. Technology and data are changing the way that people and goods are moving in our community, and we expect this transformation to continue for decades. To help our organization embrace these changes and create the greatest benefit from them, we work with transportation organizations in Louisville Metro Government and our community to help them make plans for emerging technologies, build data tools for their daily work and continuous improvement, and build their workforce for these disruptive innovations.


Creating smart mobility policy and modernization plans

To get to our Smart Mobility future, we have to know where we going. We lead cross-departmental plan development to help Louisville reach its mobility goals.


Mobility Innovation Team (MIT)

  • Few things fundamentally affect the nature, feel, and operation of a city like its transportation system. Decisions about it affect nearly every facet of the community, and so, it is crucial to Louisville’s future that as major changes emerge, Metro will stand ready to make the most informed decisions possible. The MIT is a cross-organizational team that helps local organizations learn, prepare for, and implement innovative technologies and practices into our transportation network.

Autonomous Vehicle Playbook

  • Based on the level of testing underway and a raft of announcements from car makers and mobility providers, the commercial availability of autonomous vehicles (AVs) seems imminent. While projections of how, and how quickly, the technology will be adopted are still being debated, the potential for AVs to have a dramatic impact on how people and goods move to, from, and around makes for a compelling case to begin research and work toward the adoption of a policy framework that prepares for this technological shift while ensuring that mobility is enhanced in an equitable manner for all of Louisville’s residents.

Intelligent Transportation System Plan

  • Providing transportation infrastructure is one of the most important jobs of a local government. Over the past 100 years, Louisville Metro has built roads and transit systems to efficiently and effectively move people and goods. Providing this transportation infrastructure will continue to be a core responsibility of our government. This plans lays out necessary technology and data components of our transportation network are also built out and maintained because data and technology will power transportation in the near future.

Data Tools

We create tools and projects using crowdsourced and other sourced data to evaluate traffic congestion problem areas and traffic improvement projects with the goal of empowering transportation professionals.


UPenn Crash Analysis

  • This project used machine learning with local data to predict the cause and location of crashes to help inform our roadway safety work

Waze Connected Citizens Processor

  • Open Source code collaboration to allow any city to use Waze data. Collaboration with Waze, Amazon, Boston, Philly, Chicago, LA, Denver and 55 governments, and used in Anchorage by Code for America.

Data Warehouse

  • We are developing a data warehouse for all Metro related transportation data with a focus on safety data, in collaboration with area and state transportation organizations.

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