Office of Civic Innovation - Projects

Community hackathon

The Office of Performance Improvement & Innovation views hackathons as a key component of our strategy to not only institutionalize innovation, but to connect with our citizens, the tech community and any of our project stakeholders. It is a critical piece of collaborative strategy in the generation of civic engagement, relationship building and problem solving. We have an open office hack night, once a month with our local Code for America chapter, the non-profit Civic Data Alliance, in addition to a quarterly capstone hackathon that encapsulates all of the previous quarter focus areas. This is in addition to nation-wide events, such as the National Civic Data of Hacking.


  • Civic Data Alliance (Code for America) Partnership / HacktheVille
  • National Civic Data of Hacking
  • Smart Home / IOT Hackathon @ GEC
  • Hack for Change Food Insecurity


  • Waze Data – Utilizing data from our Waze CCP Partnership across multiple internal agencies to create new tools and uses cases for Waze traffic data.

  • Analog Hackathon – An accessible, trojan horse hackathon training tool we utilize to make the concept of a hackathon accessible and approachable to non-technical participants.